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Staging Luxury Property: The Essentials

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Before listing your luxury property in Monaco, or even showing it to an interested buyer, consider taking this very important step in the selling process – staging.

Staging is the art of temporarily furnishing and styling a piece of property for sale. A powerful marketing technique, staging allows real estate brokers to sell the property more effectively to interested buyers.

It’s a step in the home selling process of going the extra mile to really show off a home’s best and most beautiful features, tell its story, and urge buyers to fall in head over heels for the property.

Here’s what you should know about staging your luxury property and how you can benefit from it.

Don’t skip this step

Real estate experts agree that staging is a necessary step in selling a home these days. This is what highlights your property’s best features, and goes beyond the basics of showing the size, layout, and number of rooms of your home.

Beautifully staged properties are associated with higher selling rates, reduced days on the market, and creating a more positive impression on buyers. Staging can help sell a property faster and bump up its asking price.

The majority of real estate brokers say that staging a property makes it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as their future home. It can also shorten the selling process versus properties that have not been staged.

Let buyers think of your home as theirs

A successfully staged home enhances a property’s best features while drawing attention away from its imperfections. Staging will allow interested buyers to visualize how they can use the space to their liking.

It’s important to be attuned to what buyers are looking for. Ask your real estate broker about what luxury homebuyers in Monaco are currently in the market for. Knowing their preferences will inform you about how to stage your interiors.

Your broker will also be in the best position to establish an emotional connection with the buyer by getting them to visualize the kind of lifestyle they could lead if they bought your property. Buyers will want to know how they can best make use of the new space, so allow them to fall in love with your property by clearly seeing its potential through staging.

Curation is key

Work closely with your broker when it comes to selecting which staging company or interior designer to work with. Their rates will vary depending on factors such as the size of the property and the extent of styling specified.

Since staging is largely curatorial and should cater to your target market’s wish list, it’s best to consult with your real estate professionals on the best course to take. It’s not uncommon for professional stagers to rent furniture, art, or home accessories to emphasize the features of specific rooms. The idea is to customize the property to a buyer’s tastes, with the objective of making your home as attractive as possible.

Your stager may also use your existing furnishings and rearrange them to highlight the focal point of a room, enhance flow and spaciousness, or lead the eye to notable aspects of the house such as architectural details.

If you’ve cleared your property of furnishings, you may choose not to stage it. The square footage, location, and architecture of your home may be enough selling points. Consult your broker about the best course of action.

Virtual staging in the age of the new normal

Living in the age of the coronavirus has impacted the way the global real estate industry operates. Strict observance of health guidelines has impacted face-to-face interactions, restricting in-person showings by appointment only. However, this hasn’t stopped buyers from seeking out premium property.

Thanks to online showings, sellers are able to stage their homes with the help of virtual staging apps. These allow homeowners to showcase the best of their property through photos and videos and to virtually redesign the space based on buyer preferences. Check with your broker to ensure that such enhancements comply with advertising guidelines.

If a potential buyer expresses serious interest after seeing your virtual staging or following a virtual home tour, you can authorize your broker to set up an in-person appointment. By first showing your home online, your broker will be able to vet potential buyers and investors and move the home selling process along much more efficiently.

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