Our Group

SPARK & PARTNERS was formed by professionals being in Monaco for over 25 years.

The strong market expertise of the team along with its dynamic and technologic spirit, provides a unique experience for clients willing to either buy, rent or sell their properties in Monaco, the French Riviera and abroad.

Originated in Monaco, the group has also offices in Geneva, Switzerland and has a deep focus on real estate as an investment. Beyond the 245M in sales volume SPARK & PARTNERS has achieved across the two offices, it consistently offers investment opportunities for clients looking at either constant yields (patrimonial investment) or more aggressive high returns on investments (property dealers).
On any service, we fully assist our client on the administrative and operational sides to deliver easy, tailored-made real estate investment.

Patrimonial Investments

For our clients looking for safe and long-term investments, we provide them a constant flow of opportunities across Monaco, France and Switzerland in the form of property development, restructuring and renting out.
We direct, manage and oversee the continuous workflows of each project and provide monthly updates of the progress to our clients.

Property Dealers

From the strong and complex network we’ve established in each region we work, we manage to get good, periodical but very profitable undervalued properties that we offer in exclusivity to our pool of property dealers.