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Saint Tropez

Saint-Tropez is the hotspot for many famous celebrities And not to mention its beautiful beaches and large marina for which it is known. Put together, it looks like a scene from a movie.

Come to explore the city and enjoy the authentic French charm.
a world-leading lifestyle
is definitely worth visiting

If you want more positive pleasures, drop by the Butterfly House (La Maison des Papillons). Fans of French cinema are strongly advised to wrap up at Place Blanqui, where the gendarmerie building lurks (yes, yes, from comedies with de Funes). Now it houses a museum, whose expositions not only illuminate the life of cinema law enforcers but also demonstrate personal items to the magnificent Bebe (Brigitte Bardot). There are also several galleries of modern art in the city, in which you can see surrealistic, and sometimes even exhibiting striking ambiguities. Of the non-trivial city objects, it is worth highlighting the Spiral Fountain, created in 2007 by the sculptor Jean-Yves Lechevallier.


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