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Overview of the Monaco Housing Market for Investors

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As in most industries around the world, Monaco’s real estate market continues to feel the effects of the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. For two consecutive years now, properties have dipped in value and sales volume is down.

But while these may sound alarming to the casual observer, Monaco’s current real estate market situation actually opens up a vast window of opportunities for buyers and investors alike.

And there’s more good news for the market. Despite the decrease in prices and sales volume, Monaco real estate remains the most expensive in the world mainly due to extremely high demand yet limited inventory of properties.

Investment specialists and real estate experts are urging buyers and investors to capitalize in the current market trends and be in a good position when the industry rebounds, which is expected to happen soon.

Buy low, sell high

Land value in the principality was at an all-time high at 48,799 Euros per square meter in 2018. In 2020, the average land value hovered at around 47,619 Euros per square meter—not an insignificant drop by any means. And those numbers may continue to dip, depending on how this year plays out.

Buying low and selling high has been one of the most fundamental strategies in the real estate business. If you’re a savvy investor, it’s easy to see why now is the right time to invest in Monaco’s real estate market.

This isn’t the first time Monaco experienced price drops in its real estate market. The most recent ones occurred in 2009, 2012, and 2015. Those who bought properties during those lulls in the market only saw the value of their properties soar once the market returned to normal.

Resilient market

Monaco has proven time and again that real estate in the principality is a great and safe investment as properties only gain in value over time. Through the years, the market has proven its resilience, thanks to the combination of limited supply and consistently high demand.

Demand for real estate remains high in Monaco and it still is one of the world’s most sought-after destinations despite the ongoing pandemic.

With the principality’s favorable tax system, political and economic stability, laudable health and educational systems, excellent geography, and luxurious culture and lifestyle, it’s easy to see why people want to have their very own piece of Monaco.

With a small area of only 2.03 square kilometers, there’s always great competition for available property, consistently driving real estate prices up.
Land developments and new structures are continually being built, showing that Monaco views the pandemic as nothing more than a temporary setback.

The best places to invest in Monaco

Knowing when to invest is an important skill in the real estate market but knowing where to invest is just as important. Fortunately, the principality offers a wide selection of places for you to put your money in.

We list below a few of the best areas to buy a home at the moment. It is quite a spread, and the truly great thing is that you get a range of options for properties that will fit your budget.

  • Les Moneghetti
  • The Les Moneghetti district has seen the most significant drop in property value in 2020. Down a whopping 15.8%, property value prices now hover at 38,258 Euros per square meter, making it the area with the most competitively priced properties in Monaco right now.

  • La Condamine, Monte Carlo, and Fontvieille
  • In these districts, real estate prices are at their lowest since 2017. In La Condamine, prices hover at around 47,412 Euros per square meter, while those in Monte-Carlo and Fontvieille go for a little over 50,000 Euros per square meter.

  • Larvotto
  • The Larvotto district has some of Monaco’s most desirable properties and it shows in their price tag. If you have the capital, this is where you’ll find some prime Monaco real estate, and also some of the most valuable, with property prices hovering at around 65,000 Euros per square meter.

Real estate experts and analysts are confident that Monaco’s property values will bounce back and even soar once this global crisis is over. If you’re interested in investing in Monaco real estate market, make sure to get guidance from the experts by calling Spark & Partners

In the 10 years we have been in the business, we have cultivated long-term relationships with our clients. Our extensive real estate listings include Monaco real estate like apartments, penthouses, villas, single-family homes, and offices.

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