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Le Luciana

Le Luciana
Construction Year: 2021 Address: 3 - 5 Avenue J.F. Kennedy, 98000 MONACO Architect: Alexandre Giraldi Number of Floors: 4

The project Le Luciana officially got underway with the demolition of the two buildings
at 3 and 5 Avenue J.F. Kennedy at the beginning of 2020 and will be delivered in April 2022.
The family friendly building hosting five levels of superstructure construction and three
basement levels for cellars, 37 car parking spaces, the offices and shops. The homes on
offer are designed to maximize light and views. They come with wonderful floor-to-ceiling
windows with plush private balconies, interiors that suit every style.

The architect Alexandre Giraldi discusses the various phases of the works and the
architectural qualities of the future complex. It is a substantial area, and it makes an
impression as one approaches 3 and 5 Avenue J.F. Kennedy. For good reason, because the
40-month period required for the Le Luciana development has begun. “Following the
demolition works, which were naturally preceded by cleaning the building and removing the
asbestos, the construction site installation phase was completed, and we are currently
cleaning the vaults below Avenue d’Ostende because the building will lean against them”,
explains the architect of the project.

This will be followed by the tension bar stage, which is required in order to reinforce
the massif before commencing the earthworks in the coming months. This stage also needs
to be carried out at two different moments, covering around half the area of the project. “This
stems from a desire that emerged from the discussions we had with the State departments to
impact the public roads and surroundings as little as possible. This means that the company
in charge of the works didn’t locate the cran outside the site, as is often the case, but inside
it. Once the first part near the Hôtel Miramar has been done, the site installations will be
shited there to that the earthworks on the second part can begin”. To this desire to schedule
the various stages so as to ensure the tranquility of Monegasque life must be added the
inherent complexity of the site. “We live with events and occasions that enliven the life of the
Principality, but this is the case here more than elsewhere because we are close to the
Grand Prix and the Yacht Show”, he acknowledges. But in addition to being next to Avenue
d’Ostende, Le Luciana is also caught between two buildings: the Port Palace and the Hôtel
Miramar, a project that is also underway. Alexandre Giraldi keeps things in perspective.
“From the point of view of disturbance, we have one less neighbour who is impacted by the
works. It’s an advantage when you can group construction sites together in the same area.
We can also talk to the various companies so we can combine interventions and deliveries
and work under optimal conditions”.

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