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Located at the border between France and Italy, Menton is closing the French Riviera as it is the last town before Italia. It rises smoothly from the sea and goes high into the mountains.
Well known as the city of lemons, it shaped its history through a double culture.

Indeed, cheerful and vibrant Italian houses coexist with elegant French mansions in Belle Epoque style. City of Art and History, garden city, or even city of culture, Menton is a preserved Eden which nonetheless looks towards its future on the Riviera, achieving the perfect alchemy between all the beauties of the world.
Lemon is the symbol of the city as local lemons are highly prized for their rich flavor and aroma, which is why Menton is the only place in the world where you’ll find the very unique Lemon Festival taking place annually since 1935. Starting at the Promenade du Soleil, a parade of chariots adorned with structures made of lemons passes along it until the evening, then the carnival processions end with large fireworks displayed in the Bay of Bastion (la Baie du Bastion). The bastion was built in the 17th century by Honore II, Prince of Monaco, and got the famous French artist Jean Cocteau restored the Bastion itself, decorating the niches, reception rooms, and outer walls with pebble mosaics. But this is not the only work of Jean Cocteau, in fact, he gave a lot to the city as the city had much to offer to artists.

Heavenly refuge for artists
The warmhearted Menton was an idyllic place and a source of inspiration for many poets writers and artists of all kinds. But firstly we can remind of Jean Cocteau who fell in love with the city in the summer of 1955. Since then, he spent a lot of time here which led him to use his art to decorate the town’s wedding hall, and later he was offered to create a museum in the Bastion, a 17th century Fort situated near the harbor and now it is the world's most important public resource for the artist’s work.
Alexander Grin neo-romantic writer was inspired for its artwork Scarlet Sails in Menton, and so was Vladimir Nabokov for his novel “The Gift”
There a lot to discover about Christian art in the old town,

Local festivities and activities
Particular attention should be paid to the luxurious park culture and gardens of Menton.
The elite district of the city, the Garavan quarter, famous for its yacht harbor and entertainment games complex, is embellished with olive groves and lush parterres of the Parc du Pian and Jardin des Colombières. In the same neighborhood, you’ll find the Valencian-style Jardin Fontana Rosa, created by the writer and Spanish politician Vicente Blasco Ibañez, is considered one of the top ten most beautiful gardens of France and a listed historical monument. Admire picturesque landscape in the Serre de la Madonne with rare subtropical plants around a pond, or in the Botanic Garden of Val-Rameh. In Bioves Garden (Jardin Bioves) you will find giant citrus structures and ornaments that are erected during the Lemon Festival.
After a long walk, reward yourself with a well-deserved meal in the world’s best restaurant - the Mirazur from chef Mauro Colagreco. The three-Michelin-star chef offers a unique sensory journey with Italian and French flavors mix to create a spicy Mediterranean dressing.
You can enjoy family times as some pleasant kid-friendly and pet-friendly facilities are there to be found, for instance, the amusement park “Koaland”, or the exclusive beach for dogs

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