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Investing in real estate in Monaco

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Monaco is one the best places to invest in real estate. Its location, international prestige, and the dimensions of its territory offer investors very unique and specific advantages that no other location in the world can match.

The Monaco real estate market has been stable for a very long time, and it remains the most expensive property market in the world. Investing in property in the French Riviera has proven to be a reliable investment in the last few decades. On average, Monaco’s real estate market has increased by 5% annually for the last 30 years.

The number of properties for sale in Monaco has increased but so have real estate prices. Here are five major factors that support the large potential of an apartment or commercial property investment in Monaco.

Pleasant all-year round

Located at the foot of the Southern Alps and bordering the Mediterranean, Monaco’s climate is pleasant all year round. Its summers are temperate and its winters are relatively mild. As a luxury destination, Monaco continues to attract ultra high net worth individuals looking to unwind in more discreet and private locations.

Monaco culture and lifestyle

The Formula 1 Grand Prix and the Monaco Yacht Show are just two of the major annual banner events that take place in Monaco. The draw and attendance remain high for both of these events, which first put Monaco on the map. For those whose tastes run to something more leisurely, luxury shopping is always a pleasure in Monaco. There’s nothing like browsing a precisely curated luxury collection in a non-virtual Cartier and Hermes store. And when it comes to catering to the high rollers and VIPs, the casinos at Monte Carlo are second to none.

The investor is at an advantage in Monaco

One of the biggest advantages when buying property in Monaco is the favorable and beneficial tax environment of the city-state. As an investor, you can focus on acquiring property without worrying about paying capital gains tax when the right time comes for you to sell your luxury apartment or commercial property. The absence of direct taxation and withholding tax in Monaco is a major competitive advantage when reviewing locations in which to invest worldwide.

The safest financially and physically

Considered to be the one of the safest countries in the world both financially and physically, Monaco’s “safe haven” status amplifies the attraction to investors. Monaco is remarkably safe for residents and visitors. With more than a third of its population being millionaires, the safety and security of Monaco’s people and assets are guarded exceptionally well. The Monegasque government actively combats money laundering, with confidentiality being a key characteristic of banking in Monaco.

Rare, limited, and always in demand

The limited constructible plot in Monaco makes existing properties even more valued and attractive for investors. There is very little room for new construction in Monaco, but rising demand ensures very favorable pricing conditions and a high market value for every piece of property bought and sold. In Monaco, lease agreements run for a minimum period of one year, but plenty of leaseholders stay longer.

How to get ahead investing in Monaco real estate

Smart investment in Monaco and the French Riviera begins with partnering with real estate professionals whose expertise in property consultation focuses on providing accurate and reliable market insights.

Spark & Partners has 10 years of experience analyzing Monaco real estate trends and prices. They have access to a wide variety of apartments and homes for sale in Monaco, but are mostly focused on seeking off-market properties. When it comes to property management, their portfolio includes everything from small studios to larger family homes, along with offices and commercial properties.

By studying the latest and most relevant real estate trends, Spark & Partners determines a price that is fair and will hold up to Monaco’s ever-evolving competitive real estate market.

Our detail-oriented management services include marketing your property in Monaco properly and efficiently. We will showcase your property’s best and most unique features across multiple platforms to ensure that prospects for tenants are maximized. Our team at Spark & Partners conducts thorough credit checks on prospective tenants to ensure they’re the right fit for your investment property.

Spark & Partners also takes a very personal approach to real estate transactions. We get to know each of our clients closely and adapt our methods based on what makes the most sense for them. No matter what you’re looking for, our team something that matches your needs! Even if you’re not sure what you’re looking for yet, our extensive real estate listings of villas and apartments for sale can make the process of finding your ideal Monaco property easier.

If you need more information on Monaco’s real estate investment options and our property management services, call the Sparks & Partners at 377.97.777.000 or email hello(at)spark-estate(dotted)com. Talk to us about investing in Monaco property today.

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