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Tour Des Giroflees

Tour Des Giroflees
Construction Year: 2021

The Giroflée tower is a project led by the subsidiary of the Michel Pastor SAM du Parc group, the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte in association with the Monegasque architect Rainier Boisson. The Giroflée tower is located in the Saint Roman district. The project will include 73 luxury apartments spread over 22 floors. We will also find a family center, a spa, commercial premises, and three swimming pools, two of which are private on the roof of the building.

The construction also includes a commercial space, underground parking with a capacity of 200 spaces.

The six existing villas are demolished for the realization of this project.
The cost is estimated at € 45,000,000 excluding tax.

This project was approved by the Municipal Council on July 16, 2013 and approved the demolition of the six villas on September 15, 2015.9

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