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How to Sell your Home to Foreign Buyers

Selling a property requires reaching the right target market, and you can capitalize on this by expanding your reach to the foreign market. Doing this does not only make sure that you attract a wider pool of potential buyers; foreign buyer...

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Exotic Garden of Monaco

Expert Tips for Buying Luxury Homes

Buying a luxury home is a big investment that requires professional guidance whether you are a new property buyer or a seasoned one. There are many factors to consider especially if you’re buying property in a foreign country with differe...

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Pros and cons of buying property abroad

Opinions differ when it comes to the best places to invest in the real estate market, but nothing offers better opportunities and higher returns than real estate properties abroad. There’s a lot to love about these properties, especially in p...

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Luxury Monaco Port Yachts

Monaco relocating guide

It’s not surprising that Monaco is one of the most sought-after getaway destinations with its glamorous lifestyle, magnificent architecture, and luxury real estate. With just over 38,000 residents, the country is the second smallest independe...

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Tips for selling your luxury property

How do I sell my home fast? It’s a question that has different answers, especially if you’re selling a luxury home. The market for luxury real estate is entirely exclusive, and the usual tips and tricks on reaching out to prospective buyers...

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Monaco real estate laws you should be aware of

The Principality of Monaco is a tax haven for the wealthy, which is why it is not uncommon to find one multimillionaire in every person in this small city-state. With sweeping views of some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world,...

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Monaco Ville Harbour of Monaco Cote Dazur

Choosing Your District in Monaco

Possessing a Monaco address and living in one of the most glamorous cities in the world definitely ranks high on the “Most Coveted” list. While the entire principality of Monaco is known for being a safe haven and is famous for its many...

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Luxury home interior

Staging Luxury Property: The Essentials

Before listing your luxury property in Monaco, or even showing it to an interested buyer, consider taking this very important step in the selling process – staging. Staging is the art of temporarily furnishing and styling a piece of ...

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