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Monaco Ville Harbour of Monaco Cote Dazur

Choosing Your District in Monaco

Possessing a Monaco address and living in one of the most glamorous cities in the world definitely ranks high on the “Most Coveted” list. While the entire principality of Monaco is known for being a safe haven and is famous for its many...

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Luxury home interior

Staging Luxury Property: The Essentials

Before listing your luxury property in Monaco, or even showing it to an interested buyer, consider taking this very important step in the selling process – staging. Staging is the art of temporarily furnishing and styling a piece of ...

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Investing in real estate in Monaco

Monaco is one the best places to invest in real estate. Its location, international prestige, and the dimensions of its territory offer investors very unique and specific advantages that no other location in the world can match. The Mon...

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Living in Monaco

Glitz and glamour go hand in hand when it comes to living the life in Monaco. The independent city-state is the epicenter of luxury, wealth, and living the high life. Celebrities and billionaires consider Monaco a favorite getaway destinati...

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Selling a home in Monaco and the French Riviera

Good news for those looking to put their holiday homes in the French Riviera on the market – potential buyer interest is going strong, despite the current global pandemic. Though at a much slower rate, the property market in France contin...

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Buying a home in Monaco and the French Riviera

Monaco is considered to be one of the most luxurious and expensive property markets in the world. The microstate’s ideal coastal climate, lifestyle, “safe haven” status, and advantageous tax system support the premium for real estate,...

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If you seek calm, tranquility Fontvieille is the neighborhood to go. Developed by Italian architect Manfredi Nicoletti in the late 20th century, the entire district was built over the sea and allowed Monaco to expand of 20% its territory in the...

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Jardin Exotique

Named for the remarkable botanical garden « Jardin Exotique » designed by Monegasque engineer Louis Notari on the wishes of HSH Prince Louis II located nearby, this is is one of the most unique neighborhoods of the principality. It is Borderi...

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